Monday, August 21, 2017

She's How Old?

The other day I found this 1945 Florida State Census record for a client of mine.  In the middle of the page is my client's grandmother, Francis Phillips, and her grown son Robert Thomas Phillips.

The funny thing:  Look at Francis' listed age!  "21+"?!

I've looked at many hundreds, maybe thousands, of census records, and I've never seen a woman get away with something like this!  

I asked my client about it, and she had this to say:  "My grandmother always looked very young and she was incredibly vain.  To the point that she lied about her age to her 10 and 11th husbands, who were at least ten years younger than her!"

So, that explains Francis' answer...  but she must have been a very persuasive lady to get away with that answer!