More About Me

I was born and raised in Aurora, Illinois.  I have a bachelor's degree in elementary education and a master's degree in curriculum and supervision.  After college I returned to Illinois and was a classroom teacher for 19 years.  Following three years in junior college (two associate's degrees), I became the part-time administrator at a law firm in Aurora which concentrates in the area of elder law—estate planning and asset preservation for boomers and seniors.  The rest of the time, I do genealogy.   

My grandparents and parents have all passed away, as well as one of my two siblings.  I was married for the first time at age 51 and gained a wonderful husband and two great step kids!  My husband and I live in Yorkville, Illinois, and we hope to retire in 2017 and move to northeastern Indiana.

I got my love of genealogy from my grandmother and father.  I began doing it in a structured way after my father’s death in 1993.  I began doing it for pay in 2011. 

I get bored with just filling in names on a pedigree chart...  Genealogy doesn't have to be just names and dates.  I like the details and the stories!  My favorite projects involve tracing one person’s ancestors back on as many branches of his/her tree as I can, fleshing out their stories from census records and other sources.

In addition to my regular genealogy work, I have done some Amish genealogy in recent times and enjoyed it very much.  I also enjoy reading genealogy books and journals and sharpening my skills by means of online tutorials and videos.  And I love to tell the stories!  So, in addition to my website, I started this blog.  My goal is to share the best stories I discover in my research, to inspire others to find their own best stories.